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Blue Fox Advertising Hits the Ground Running!

by | Aug 9, 2021 | Blogs | 0 comments

When it comes to branding efforts, it is just as important to cast one’s net as it is to establish one’s identity. After all, what use is having a solid and well-thought-out logo, color scheme, and mission statement if you can’t let it reach and resonate with your intended audience?

Competing for attention in the information-saturated age can prove daunting, but there are plenty of options that we at Blue Fox Advertising can offer!

Our services encompass SEO, social media and search engine advertising, marketing and sales automation, and even web development. Research-backed practices enable us to retarget your ads to help you increase brand awareness, heighten conversion rates, and acquire preliminary sign-ups in time for your event or product launch.

We’re strategic about it, too! We allocate your budget accordingly and define your goals and metrics before we even begin to pick the right channels, schedules, and placement for your advertising. Our experienced team also calibrates and maintains your performance through follow-through analytics and data collection.

Several clients have attested to our expertise in the field, but for the first time ever, we’ve received customer feedback on the B2B reviews platform, Clutch! 

A paving and construction company sought our marketing services to increase their closure rate with their customers. After an insightful consultation session, we put together a strategy to target the ads on Google, Facebook, and LinkedIn. 

We also refreshed their marketing materials in time for a trade show and essentially acted as a one-stop-shop for all their marketing needs.

During our partnership, we doubled our sales. Top Job Asphalt went from being a $2 million company to being a $4 million one — it was absolutely wild.

— Former Sales Relationship Consultant, Top Job Asphalt

More than chasing numbers, we’ve put emphasis on providing the best experience for our client! We took a good portion of the tasks off their shoulders and reassured them with constant progress updates.

Our high customer ratings on Clutch have effectively secured us a spot on their sister site, The Manifest. There, we’ve also ranked for being a top media buying agency in August 2021! We express our sincerest gratitude to those who’ve imparted their honest assessment of our skills and impact.
Let the results speak for themselves! Call us today to kickstart your business’s growth!

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