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messenger marketing

Automate Your Marketing Strategy with Messenger


Messenger marketing is like sending prospects to a landing page, but instead of begging for an email address, all we do is ask them to “Get Started” and that prospect instantly turns into a lead that we can then follow up with.

We create a perfect response system that makes the user feel like they are talking to another person with a variety of emojis, gifs, memes, images, videos, it’s really endless, what we can do. Imagine having your own personal automated response system through messenger. Pretty cool right? We’ll build it for you.

Why Messenger Marketing?

Better engagement across the board.

1.5 B

monthly active users (yes, billion)


Open Rate. Yeah, you read that right


Click Rate, better than email? Better than email

How Do We Send Traffic to Messenger?

m.me links

These can be placed anywhere – let your imagination wander. Think QR codes, social posts, Instagram Bios, you name it. We can tie any link to a specific campaign or promotion and when someone clicks that link, they will enter into a Facebook Messenger conversation. 


Click to Messenger Ads

A Click to Messenger ad is an ad that you can set up in Facebook that makes it VERY easy for you to get people into Messenger and turn them into Subscribers. You can then engage, follow up, ask questions, and ultimately drive more sales.


Comment Triggers

This is how we slide into the DMs of your prospects. A Comment Trigger is a VERY unique and interesting way to get people into Messenger. When set up properly, a comment trigger will start a messenger conversation with anyone who comments on a particular post.

Website Widgets

This basically brings Messenger on to your website. You’ve seen them before we are sure on other peoples website. It shows an icon for Messenger on your website, and then you can prompt a message. This is an extension of the Messenger platform itself.

What to Expect

Schedule a call with us and we learn about your business and where we can help automate some things that are taking up time out of your day that can be used otherwise. If you need more in depth information on messenger marketing you can read more here. Once we figure out what we are automating we take a few minutes to learn some of your lingo and what you say because we want this to be personal to you and your business. Then we start building your automated messenger bot and send you the demo via messenger so that you can see how your customers will experience it. Then, we make some minor tweaks (if we need any of course) and get it ready to go for you. The are lots of possibilities of what we can do with messenger marketing for your business and we would love to utilize them to give your customers a better experience, and drive better engagement for your business.