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How Marketing & Sales Automation Helped a Logan-Based Asphalt Company Double Sales

The Challenge

Top Job Asphalt is a family-owned asphalt contractor located in Logan, Utah. They are a relatively small company that wanted to grow at a controlled rate. They do incredible work, and their customers love them. The problem they faced before Blue Fox came into the picture, was that their sales process was lacking. They received inquiries through their website or over the phone, after which they would create and send an estimate on the requested project. After the estimate was sent, they either made the sale, or they didn't (obviously). But there was no follow-up because the team was too busy to follow up on qualified leads. They achieved a 20% close rate with this process.

The Result

We spent hours diving into the ins and outs of the customer journey to find that there were several "holes" where very well qualified leads would slip through the cracks due to a lack of follow-up. A Sales development representative was hired to handle all the past, present, and future leads. On the day that he started, he had an overwhelmingly full pipeline with 600 leads to follow up with. Some had been in the pipeline for 2 years, others for two weeks. Between Blue Fox, and the new SDR (Skyler), we built out sales and marketing automation that was leak-proof. There was no way any lead would ever slip through the cracks again. After the automation was built, we spent time optimizing the website for conversions, and eventually decided to do a complete redesign of the website. We took over the SEO work and helped Top Job expand their keyword research to different territories. The result? Double the sales, double the close rate, and 30% more leads than the previous year.

Old Top Job Website

Old Top Job Website

New Top Job Website

New Top Job Website
Blue Fox is incredible. I'm not kidding. We just had a complicated statistical issue come up today and we needed to be able to track data in a way that we could show to our employees. We asked Josh to build us something around 1pm and it's 3:30, I'm currently on a video call looking at what Josh came up with and it's amazing. Our website is looking awesome, we are receiving incoming business with an obvious ROI, Blue Fox is actually helping us grow our business. Thanks, Josh!
Skyler Andreasen