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How We Generated $10M in Qualified Leads and Achieved a 3,282% ROAS for a Real Estate Developer

The Challenge

This real estate developer had been very successful on previous land development projects. They launched a real estate investment fund at the end of 2020 that would give investors the opportunity to invest in real estate without having to manage a portfolio. By law, to invest in the fund, you have to be an accredited investor, with a minimum investment of $50k. Targeting a high net worth individual like this can be difficult, especially when you take into consideration Facebook's strict policies relating to real estate.

The Result

We knew that, in order for the fund to be successful, we needed a stellar website, high-performing ads, a great follow-up system, and a state-of-the-art sales process. So what did we do? We built the entire system from the ground up. We started with the website, knowing that it would be the place that prospective investors would go to learn more about the company. We built the website with conversions in mind - a simple path from A to B where investors would know exactly what to do if they were interested in investing. After that, we built the follow-up system. What happens when someone submits a form on the website? An email sequence is triggered where they get additional information about the fund and are prompted to schedule a call. From there, the qualified lead is handed off to the sales team. Once the system was ready, we launched our first ad campaign. The budget was limited in the beginning so we had to be creative with the ads and targeting. After a short time, we started to see the results. It was working great. So, we continued optimizing the ads, creatives, website, and sales process over time to see these incredible results. Now, 6 months from the day we launched our first ad campaign, here are the results: $10M in leads generated 3,282% return on ad spend (ROAS) $325k in revenue generated
I've been working with Blue Fox Advertising for the past year on several different projects and we've been able to accomplish some great things with their help. They do incredible work, and have always been very transparent in their processes.
Adam Whitmire