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Search Engine Advertising


Run Ads on the Biggest Search Engine in the World

Want to promote your products/services on the biggest search engine in the world? We can help you with that. With Google and Bing ads, we can show your ad to people who are searching and ready to buy.

Whatever your goals are, from increasing your brand awareness, website traffic, driving in-store visits, leads, purchases, and phone calls we can use search engine advertising to help you. 

Why Run Ads on Google?


Google searches get processed each second


of clicks go to the top 3 ads on google


increase of brand awareness through ads

Our Search Engine Advertising Process


Keyword and Competitive Research

We perform in-depth research to determine exactly what your potential customers are searching for. Then, we analyze your competition to determine the most profitable keywords to target. For example, if you are an electrician, we can target keywords like “electrician near me”.


Time-frame & Optimization

We can launch your ad campaign within 10 days of getting started. Once we launch you’ll see an immediate increase in traffic to your website. As we continue running the ads, we collect more data. The more data we have in your ad account, the better we can optimize the ads. We’ll look at things like clicks, click-through rate, and conversions. 

Happy Family Chiropractic

We helped this chiropractic practice start from the ground up. Running google ads helped him quickly become an authority in his area. He’s gone from zero weekly patients to 30 weekly patients in a matter of weeks.

happy family chiropractic website

These guys built my website, got me on track for Facebook marketing, is setting up all my google ads information and they are almost always available when I need help understanding some of the systems he has set up. Plus they are way more reasonable than the competition. Hit up Blue Fox for any advertising needs especially if you’re just starting a business. I love watching my Chiropractic practice explode with new patients because of his help. Thanks a ton!

Derek Larsen

Owner, Happy Family Chiropractic

Top Job Asphalt

We are still currently running this ad and have helped Top Job match their revenue from 2020 halfway through 2021. They’ve grossed around $3 million in 2021 already. On the left, you can see where their ad compares next to the competition. We used specific keywords that were relevant and meaningful to the company to help them stand out.

Blue Fox knows the ins and outs of advertising and has done a great job for our company. We always see a huge surge in requests for estimates after they send out a marketing email. The owner is knowledgeable and resourceful. He’s easy to work with and is helpful in many areas of advertising and marketing. Blue Fox is also more than willing and able to steer you away from advertising efforts that don’t pay off and they are good at monitoring the efficacy of advertising efforts so you can evaluate what works. Highly recommend!

Teri Miles

CEO, Top Job Asphalt