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What is Search Engine Optimization (SEO)?

For those of you who are new to the world of search engine optimization, let’s learn about what it is and how it will help your business.

Search engines are what most of the world uses on the internet today to help them find products, services, and information. Digital marketing is the modern way to get your business to show up first on those pages when people are searching for your products, services, etc.

SEO involves increasing a website’s relevance and trust in order to receive a higher rank on the Search Engine Results Pages (SERPs) in order to increase awareness and traffic to a company or website. Companies like us that offer Utah SEO services work on a monthly basis to accomplish this goal to increase your ranking on search engines.

We create strategies for our clients that include optimizing internal content on websites along with link building or creating backlinks from other websites via content marketing, blog commenting/posting, social media sites, profile links on high authority sites, directories, press releases, infographic submissions, video submissions, article submissions, and more.

Google, as a search engine has a job to do – to provide the most relevant answers to the user’s search query. If you run a flower shop, your website should include terms like “flower shop”, “florist”, “flowers for wedding”, etc. That way, Google knows what your site is about and can recommend it to users who are searching.

Trust and Domain Authority

A major factor in determining rankings is how trustworthy a website is. The more trustworthy, the easier it is to rank – and the way you can build your website’s trust is through backlinking. Each website that links back to your website is a signal to Google that your site is a trustworthy one.

But you don’t just want Google to trust you. Your audience needs to trust you as well. Writing content for others to drive traffic to your website needs to have content that not only Google recognizes as trustworthy but also needs to gain trust from those who come to your website. Build trust by offering solutions, tips, advice, and stories that relate to your website and content.

Our SEO Process

The overarching goal of any SEO strategy is to increase organic traffic to your website. Our process for an effective SEO campaign is as follows:

SEO Audit

We start with an audit to determine the current state of your SEO. We will conduct an on-page analysis and review all website content, current rankings, backlink profile, site health, and more. This gives us a solid understanding of what you have done in the past, and where we can improve.

Keyword Research

Next, we perform in-depth keyword research to determine which keywords will be the most profitable for you. Oftentimes, there we’ll uncover low-hanging fruit or easy wins like keywords on the second page that just need an extra push to get to the first page. After we have completed our research, we’ll send you a list of keywords for approval. That is when the fun begins.

On-Site Optimization

Now that we have our list of keywords approved, we get to work. We’ll look for opportunities for improvements that can be made on-site health, page speed, internal linking opportunities, content optimizations, meta description optimizations, title tag optimizations, and more. If you don’t have enough content on your site, we’ll let you know and either write more content for you or instruct you on what content needs to be written. Generally speaking, each product or service that you are selling should have its own page with a minimum of 500 words/page.

Content Creation

We’ve said it before and we’ll say it again – content is king! All of our search engine optimization plans include blog writing services. Based on our keyword list, we’ll come up with a list of topics to write on, and provide a specific number of blog posts each month to help your website get found by the major search engines.

Off-Site Optimization

At the same time that we are writing content, we’ll be building your website’s authority through backlinking. As mentioned earlier, link building is the process of acquiring links from other websites that lead to your website. We’ll be working each month to build a backlink portfolio that you can be proud of.

Search Engine Optimization Reporting

Not only will we send you monthly work summary reports, and progress reports, but we’ll also provide you with your very own reporting dashboard – custom for your business. Our reporting platform integrates with dozens of apps that you probably use every day, and we’ll integrate with these apps so that you can see all of your marketing data in one place.

Not All Websites are the Same

The scope of our SEO services depends heavily on the status of our client’s website and current rankings. If a client comes to us and is already ranking well, our goals will be to improve the strategy, boost rankings, and find additional keyword opportunities.

If a client comes to us and is not ranking at all, there is a foundation that needs to be built. Much of the work in the first month for this type of client will be focused on technical SEO and on-site optimizations.

We need sufficient content so that Google can recognize the site as a relevant source. Once this is done, we continue writing content while building the site’s authority. Each month, we write new content for the client’s blog, and we build backlinks through various sources. We monitor the site’s health, track keywords, and continue building the site’s authority until we start seeing positive results.

For those who are just getting started with their website and search engine optimization. We want to let our clients and potential clients know that it takes time but that we can help you get results. We are always actively checking and tracking our SEO services for all our clients to make sure things are going well.

Real Clients, Real Results

We are proud to say that we have had great success with our SEO campaigns for other clients in helping them get new customers.

Local SEO for Hvac Company

We helped a local HVAC company rank #2 within 2 months. Their traffic doubled.

Regional SEO for Recovery Center

We helped an addiction recovery center improve their web design, and their search rankings. Their bounce rate decreased by 40% and ranked 5 high-value keywords on the first page within 3 months.

National SEO for E-commerce Store

We helped an E-Commerce store rank 3 keywords in the top 3 positions within 3 months.

Let’s Get Started

If you’re interested in hiring a local Utah SEO Company for your search engine optimization needs, our SEO team is ready to help. The first step is to tell us a little bit about your business and website. You can fill out our Discovery Form here. Once we receive your information, one of our Account Managers will reach out to get more details on what you are hoping to achieve from an SEO campaign.

Digital Marketing is the new dawn of marketing, and we strive to offer the services that we do because we feel confident that our company can help your business with those services. If you have the same values as us and feel that we would be a great fit, click here to set up a time to chat. We look forward to hearing from you.

Our Guarantee

If you don’t rank within 5 months, we’ll stop charging you until you hit the first page. It’s that simple. We are so confident in our SEO services that we will get results for you, that we can offer this guarantee. Can you find other marketing agencies that would offer something like this? I’ll wait.


What is SEO?

A digital marketing strategy that involves optimizing websites so that they appear on search engines when people search for specific keywords.

What is the purpose of SEO?

To improve your online presence, and get more traffic to your website. Usually, a better online presence means more revenue for your business.

What are some of the benefits of SEO?

It helps you build brand awareness, generate traffic to your site, and make sales.

How much does it cost to hire a Utah SEO Agency?

A good rule of thumb as you are shopping for an SEO agency is this: you get what you pay for. Some agencies charge as little as $200/month, while other enterprise-level agencies charge upwards of $50,000/month. We offer custom solutions unique to your business, so whether you are a small business or a large corporation, we can help. Our SEO plans start at $1,000/month.

Do I Need SEO?

Ask yourself these questions below:

1. Do I target local customers?

If yes – then find companies in Utah that offer SEO services.

If not – keep reading!

2. How much do customers in my industry research before they make a purchase decision?

– If they start looking for information early in their buying process (researching online), then having an online presence will be key to getting conversions.

– However, if they are mostly offline buyers, you don’t have to worry about putting too much focus on SEO services.

3. Can I Afford SEO Services?

– If it is within your financial means, then you should absolutely look into hiring a trustworthy Utah SEO firm.

Key Takeaways:

1. Is my target audience online?                       

2. Does my audience research before making a purchasing decision?

3. Can I afford to hire SEO Companies in Utah?

If you answered yes to all of these questions, then great! You should consider investing in Search Engine Optimization services for your business today! If not, it may be a good idea to look into other digital marketing services such as; social media marketing, internet marketing services (aka google ads), and web marketing.

What is on-site SEO?

On-site SEO covers all the work that happens on your website including improving the content, meta descriptions, title tags, headlines, fixing site health, and more.

What is off-site SEO?

Off-site SEO covers all the work that happens off your website. This work is done to improve your domain authority.

Is it worth it to hire a Utah SEO company?

It depends on your industry. SEO is a great strategy, but may not be the best online marketing strategy for everyone. For local businesses, and service providers, it is almost always worth it.

Does hiring an SEO agency guarantee traffic and leads?

It depends, if you hire Blue Fox to handle your search engine marketing, we do offer a guarantee – if you aren’t ranking on the first page within 5 months, you stop paying until you are. The goal with all local businesses and large corporations we work with is to generate traffic and leads. If we couldn’t do that, we wouldn’t be in business.

How do I find a good SEO company in Utah?

The easiest way to find out of SEO agencies practice what they preach is by doing a simple search. You can use terms like “Utah SEO” or “top SEO companies in Utah”, etc. That way, you can see firsthand that the agency knows what they are doing.

Can I do my own SEO?

Yes, but it will be extremely time-consuming to learn all the ins and outs of SEO. Also, if you are running a business already, you probably have more pressing matters to attend to – like actually running your business!

How long does it take for search engine optimization to start working?

Each company has a different answer, however, it is typically around two-three months to see progress. Our goal with every client is to hit page one within 5 months.

Will hiring an SEO agency cost me money even if they don't get any results?

Unfortunately, yes. Many SEO companies charge monthly retainers, and if your site isn’t ranking – you still pay for their services every month. This is the reason we offer a guarantee with local businesses and large corporations we work with for our Utah SEO services. You see results or you don’t pay!

What is White Hat vs Black Hat search engine optimization?

Good question. White Hat SEO covers all the things that are “okay” with search engines, and Black Hat SEO covers a lot of spammy techniques that can get your site penalized or even removed from search engine listings.

If I rank #1 on Google will I get all the traffic and leads?

Not quite, but you will get the majority assuming your web design is up to par. The #1 spot on Google gets around 30% of all traffic from search engines.

What is the best search engine optimization strategy for my business?

This depends on your industry, and the type of business you have. At Blue Fox we offer a free website analysis where we can tell you everything we think about your website and how it stacks up against competitors. We’ll even give you a plan of action so that you can make sure your marketing dollars are well spent.

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