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Why Facebook Messenger Marketing?

by | Jun 28, 2021 | Messenger Marketing | 0 comments

You may have heard of it, you may have experienced it, you may be looking into doing it for your business. In this guide, we will teach you everything we know about Facebook Messenger Marketing, and why it is the best way to market your business in 2021

What is Facebook Messenger Marketing?

Facebook Messenger Marketing or Messenger Marketing is the act of utilizing Facebook Messenger to carry out marketing campaigns in an automated, conversational manner. You may be wondering, why should I use Facebook over another platform or chat widget. The answer is simple: Facebook Messenger has 1.5 BILLION monthly active users. Consumers in all industries are using Facebook Messenger to communicate with their friends, family, and favorite businesses on a daily basis.

Another reason why messenger marketing is so effective is that it isn’t overly saturated like email. I’m not saying that email marketing is ineffective, I’m just saying that it isn’t the only way to reach and engage with your potential customers. Combine email, messenger, and SMS and you’ve got yourself one killer marketing powerhouse.

The way you use messenger as a marketing tool depends on your goal. It is great for lead generation, customer feedback, customer engagement, and getting to know your prospects (without actually talking to them).

Engagement rates on Facebook Messenger are incredible. We’re talking up to 90% open rates and 55% click rates. Compared side by side with email, messenger wins hands down. And that is just the beginning. 

Learn more about the stats on messenger marketing

What Types of Businesses Can Implement Messenger Marketing?

This is a question that we get asked pretty frequently. Who can use messenger? Does it work for any industry? The answer is yes. It works for all industries. The only caveat is that, as with any strategy, it needs to be implemented properly.

Here is a list of the industries that we’ve seen implement messenger marketing strategies effectively: 

  • Real estate
  • E-commerce
  • Home Developer
  • Attorneys
  • Doctors
  • Plastic Surgeons
  • SaaS
  • Restaurants
  • Salons
  • Venues
  • Musicians
  • Lawyers

… to name a few

Tools for Facebook Messenger Marketing

While it is possible to create messenger campaigns from within your Facebook Page, there are several messenger marketing tools that make the job 1000x easier, and more effective. Here are our favorites


ManyChat combines Messenger, SMS, email, and Instagram (coming soon) to create an omnichannel marketing approach. They are currently ranked as the #1 messenger automation tool bringing powerful campaign possibilities to the table.

Manychat Integrates with all of your favorite marketing tools including Shopify, MailChimp, Google Sheets, ActiveCampaign, and HubSpot. They open the window of opportunity even further with their Zapier and Integromat integrations, making it possible to integrate with thousands of other applications. 

Starting Price: Free


Chatmatic is one of the newer bot-building tools out there, and the reason we like it so much is that it was created by a marketer. It comes jam-packed with a ton of resources to help you succeed with messenger marketing including templates (both free and paid), and great training.

Chatmatic also offers an “Unlimited Plan” that allows you to generate as many subscribers as you want, without charging you for each one.

Starting Price: Free

Mobile Monkey

Mobile monkey is another one that uses an omnichannel approach to marketing. They give you the ability to communicate with your prospects and customers via messenger, email, SMS, instagram, and live chat. The ability to centralize communication in one place is incredible, especially for busy marketers or customer service reps that have tons of work to do. 

At the moment (04/29/2021) the major chat platforms seem to be in a race to launch Instagram automation features to the public. Mobile Monkey is the leader in the race so far as they have launched an open beta where you can test out the features. ManyChat’s beta for Instagram is still closed, which tells me that they are a little farther behind.

You can apply for Mobile Monkey’s Instagram beta here

Starting Price: Free

How to Start Using Facebook Messenger For Your Business

Implementing Facebook Messenger Marketing strategies in your business is easy to get started and cost-effective. Most tools that I mentioned above start with a free plan until you hit a certain number of subscribers to your page. 

Step 1: Choose a messenger marketing tool

Choose one of the platforms mentioned above and get familiar with it. The beauty is that they are all free to start so you can test things out without worrying about price.

Step 2: Get familiar with the tool

This allows you to experiment with the functionality of the messenger marketing platforms that are available. Have fun with this! Create sequences, and send them to your friends or colleagues to get their feedback. 

Step 3: Look at examples of what other companies are doing with messenger marketing

Step 4: Launch your first campaign

This can be as simple, or as complicated as you like. If you are looking for something simple, I would recommend starting with promoting your keystone product/service on your facebook page’s profile image.

To do this, create a simple graphic showcasing your keystone product/service. Make sure to add a promotional value that incentivises your followers to opt-in. Next, create a messenger sequence that explains your product/service. You can use a template to get started, or you can start from scratch. The sequence would ideally show off the product, collect email addresses and phone numbers, and lead the prospect to a link where they can make a purchase. 

To give you a better idea of what this might look like, we created this demo bot so you can see it in action. So, to get your followers INTO messenger, you’ll post your new profile image to your Facebook page. Facebook will show the new image to more people than it would an ordinary post. You can then add a messenger link in your description that triggers the automated chat sequence that you created. 

Don’t Be Shy, Just Have Fun

For us, building bots is a fun and rewarding task. Feel free to experiment and try new things! If you have any questions, send us a message! And don’t worry, I real human will be in touch with you if you ask nicely. 

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